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I don't know what to say, so I'll just say what's in my heart... Baboom, Baboom, Baboom. -Mel Brooks-

Rachael Nib: About Me

I live in WA and I hope to get some of my stories published soon.

I love fantasy, mystery, romance, science fiction, and horror.

I usually write romance, fantasy, and horror.

When Did I Start Writing?

Well, I first started writing when I was about ten years old. I was writing a story called Wild Cats. It was about a bunch of cats. It was really weird, I have to say. I still have it saved today!

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Rachael Nib

How Do I Create Characters For My Stories?

Well, I usually pick a name. Like, I go onto babynames.com and find a good name with a good meaning. It sort-of just starts from there!

How Do I Creat a Story?

Well, first I start of by making a list of titles. (I usually do this when I'm bored). Titles give me ideas. So when I think of a title, a book comes along with it!

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